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For over 7 years Ovalmedia has set the standard in Online Performance Marketing. When it comes to directing your online budget, there are many places to choose from. We know and remind ourselves of this and it drives us to exceed your expectations every day. Our team of experienced marketing professionals can provide you with an analytics-based approach to getting the most out of your online marketing activities.

Navigating the digital advertising landscape can be filled with potential challenges and pitfalls from fraudulent transactions to financial risk, often outside of your control. We have extensive experience in dealing with the hard stuff, so you can take the worry out of your online marketing. At Ovalmedia, advertisers only pay for results and publishers need not worry about getting paid for quality traffic. We haven't missed a publisher payment in 7 years and don't plan to any time in the next 70 years. We strive to build long-term value and lifetime relationships. Want to learn more? Contact us

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Providing you the best service possible by creating a seamless, global online marketing experience.


Use our proprietary tracking and analytical software to discover patterns that will assist you with optimizing your campaigns.

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Your brand's integrity is protected. Our processes vet affiliates, prevent fraud, and surveil traffic around the clock.

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We ensure that the traffic being sent to your campaigns is comprised of real consumers who are hungry for your product or service.

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Work with our experienced team to gain insights, monitor success, and develop strategies to meet your goals.

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